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The Dia-Co Standard

Our Jewelers treat their craft as an art form - striving for perfection and never less. This is what makes us the ideal extension of your store - we care about our pieces as much as you care about your clients.

Made in USA, microscope jeweler

Made in USA

Made in House

Our jewelers understand the market and the quality standard. Making everything in-house allows us to turn around pieces both quickly (7-10 days) and at the highest standard.


All Setting Done Under Microscope

Setting under a microscope allows our setters to be more precise than the naked eye or a magnifier. The perfect cleaning of a piece and precise placement of stones with all tables perfectly lined up brings out a uniquely special luster in jewelry that you and your clientele will be able to appreciate.

jeweler and diamond setter working under a microscope
jewelry diamond ring qc quality control under a microscope

Rigorous Quality Control

QC Under Microscope

We QC each jewelry piece under a microscope

at 8 points through it's manufacturing process

with 12 unique pairs of eyes

across 21 total inspection checks


Dia-Co Diamonds

We cut our own diamonds. Yep.

Our diamonds give your jewelry the extra luster that other custom houses just can't get. Why?

  • Triple Excellent Make

  • Consistent Make

  • F-Color Standard

  • Precise Calibration

loose diamond melee
gold metal casting alloy

Premium Alloy for Minimal Porosity

You don't have to live with bad casts. We use state-of-the-art machinery with premium alloys to make sure all of our castings are clean and high-quality.


Dominant 3D Printing
Not your average printer

ProJet MJP 2500W 

Zero Ash content for Defect-free castings

0.02mm Accuracy - Industry-leading quality

Significantly higher quality than desktop printers

Projet MJP 2500W 3d Printer
CAD Designer making jewelry

Manufacturing Skilled
CAD Designers

Protecting stones, the strength of a jewelry piece, longevity of structure - these are factors not every designer understands. Our team does. Each of our designers has jewelry industry experience. We train them extensively in the manufacturing process so they understand function, not just design. Each design is checked thoroughly by our design heads - who have worked personally in manufacturing.


Top Quality Rhodium

Giving your white gold the perfect shine

rhodium, whote gold diamond ring
jewelry 3D scanner

High Tech Solutions

We stay up-to-date with the newest innovations in the industry to make sure we are always offering you the best product and the ability to tell your clients you're as high tech as possible.

For example, we have the industry leading 3D scanner, which we use on all flush band, replica and recreate projects to ensure we can make the best design possible

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