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Blinding Diamonds

Lab Grown Diamonds

We cut our own diamonds! So you can buy from the source!

Shape: Round
Color: E/F

Make: Triple-Excellent

excellent make diamonds vs poor make diamonds

Triple Excellent Make

Make is the forgotten factor in loose melee, but it can be the most important factor. Color & Clarity can be D, VS but if the light doesn't pass through correctly - you've got a diamond with little luster

EF Color vs GH Color diamonds

E/F Color Standard

The Industry Standard "G/H" won't always cut it - especially for White gold or Platinum 

diamond scale weight measurement

Save on Carat Weight

Dia-Co Diamonds weigh about 5-10% less than the industry norm because of our triple excellent make. For example, 100 stones of 1.3mm fair make would be around 1ct. With triple excellent make, they weigh around 0.90-0.95ct. With us, you get the best quality & best price.

diamond grading under loupe

Graded as per GIA

Every diamond is graded by GIA graduate graders. It is common in the melee industry to call diamonds by a grade it isn't really. With us, you get exactly what you ask for - never any doubt.

diamond guage mm measurement

Precisely Calibrated

When making a jewelry piece, precise calibration makes a big difference with luster. Quality setting requires stones within 0.05mm deviation in size - we offer that as a standard.

lots of diamonds

Always in Stock
Next Day Shipping

Whether it's 10 stones of one size or 10 carats - we have the inventory to back your sales. 
No need to wait longer than "tomorrow morning, 10am"

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